Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What could be wrong with my 1985 Corvette?

I can't get the check engine light to go out. I've checked all the fuilds they are all good. I've put a new distributor cap, rotor and spark plugs. Then took it to a mechanic to change to oil because it smelt like gas they ran a diagnostic test on it and it came back says to change the ECM fuse which they did and then they ran it again and go a code 52 and they couldn't find what would cause that code. then after they put the ECM fuse in the car started to stall. they told us it could be something with the fuel pressure or something since my dad just put a new fuel pump in last weekend. so we took it home and checked the fuel pressure, pump and filter. there was nothing wrong with that.

does anyone have any ideas how to fix itWhat could be wrong with my 1985 Corvette?
Believe it or not the check engine light can come on because of a bad fuel cap. I had this happen once.

9 times out of 10 the check engine light is on due to some sort of pollution control failure.

The second time mine come on i ran 2 tanks of super grade fuel and the light went out so you can try that also.

hope this helps

russWhat could be wrong with my 1985 Corvette?
Yeah, try to snip that light. If it's running good and a mechanic can't find it. Might as well do something about that lightWhat could be wrong with my 1985 Corvette?
Put a good ODB1 scanner on it and check the dealer or GM website for vehicle specific coding. A good scanner will record all info and tell you what is causing the problem
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