Saturday, November 20, 2010

Car shaking, what can the reason be?

the distributor and the cables are fine. how likely is it to have a bad distributor cap? the car check engine light is on. the reading gives a misfire on cylinder 1. what can i do to diagnose the problem? is this a good strategy?

*change the distributor cap.

*if all of above fails, change the intake manifold

*if all of above fails, change the head gasket

thanks...Car shaking, what can the reason be?
Take the no. 1 spark plug wire off and start the car. If shaking doesn't change, then replace wire with a known good one.

If that doesn't work, change no. 1 spark plug.

If that doesn't work, THEN change your distributor cap.

If none of these work, take it to a mechanic, it could be a head gasket or something else that takes professional equipment and knowledge.Car shaking, what can the reason be?
Take it to a good mechanic right away, towing is EXPENSIVE, especially if you have to replace the engine at the end of the tow !!!Car shaking, what can the reason be?
Struts, shocks, wheel alignment. If you hit a speed bump too fast; it can whack out the balance of the frame and stirring. Go to a wheel and tire store and have the front end inspected.Car shaking, what can the reason be?
The list of problems you describe suggest you take that thing to someone reputable,in other words a good honest mechanic,not some friend or guy down the street.You need professional service. That thing is a hazard to drive,I don't think you'd want to be in it when it decides to finish doing what it seems destined to do.GET BUSY!Car shaking, what can the reason be?
Three possible reasons immediately come to mind:

1) TIRES - If they are low, uneven, unbalanced, or have some tread showing, you need to get that checked out right away, before you have a blowout. (Have you driven over a curb, in a junkyard, or on a construction site lately?)

2) SHOCKS or STRUTS - These wear out over time. Have them checked and replaced if necessary.

3) AXLE BOOTS or AXLE - Something you should have a mechanic check. (Do you hear anoise under the hood on one side only?)

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