Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Toyota 18-RC misfire problem.?

i recently changed carburetors from an 18rc engine that was going well onto my 18rc in my celica. i changed carburetors because my carburetor seemed to be flooding the engine, and eventualy i couldn't even start the engine.

after i changed carburetors over the engine started first go, and ran exellently. but the next day the engine was running rough. me and my dad put the timing light on it but the number one cylinder was misfiring. i changed the spark plug, spark leads and distributor cap. i checked the exaust for that cylinder for leaks but there wasn't any. i took it to a mechanic and he did a test to see if the valve was burnt out, but it wasn't that. then he said it was the cam and that it had a worn down lobe.

the question is how fast would a cam wear out so that a lobe was causing a misfire, because as i said before the engine was running good before my original carburetor deteriorated, and started misfiring after i changed carburetors. could the cam be causing this?Toyota 18-RC misfire problem.?
cams have a hardened surface on them if the surface is damaged it will wear quickly, but not over night. have you checked that nothing fell into the engine when you changed the carb? you can take the valve cover off and turn the engine over by hand and see if all the valves open about the same amount or any of the came lobes look different than the others.. good luckToyota 18-RC misfire problem.?
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