Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How much could i see my truck for?

I want to get rid of my big truck and get a small car cause of gas

I have a 94 Ford F-150 5-8 liter 4x4 extended cab step up with 188285 miles

it has new brake pads front and back, new ball joints in front, new spark plugs, wires and distributor cap and rotor runs, and oil changed great and pretty good on gas for a big truckHow much could i see my truck for?
you can see it for free, but only sell it for 2500 or lessHow much could i see my truck for?
Go to (Kelly Blue Book), fill in all the stats on your truck, and it will tell you how much you can get out of it.How much could i see my truck for?
look at or for a resale price, however it will probably be a little less since these types of vechiles are not in demand at the moment. .How much could i see my truck for?
At this time trucks like yours are not in high demand. So what you think it is worth, divide that by 2 and hope you can sell it. I have a truck like this and I know what it is worth, can I get that much for it, NO! If I want to sell it than I'll get about half of what its worth.. that is if I could find a buyer. So you will need to decide if the lost you get is worth the gas you'll save.

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