Saturday, November 20, 2010

88 celica wont start...winding/whinning noise..distributor?

I have an 88 celica gt convertible...the car was running good but this morning as i was pulling into the drive way to wash it, it completely just shut off. When I tryed starting it all I here is a winding/whinning noise coming from the distributor. I took off one of the spark plug wires %26amp; put a screw driver to it then tryed turning it on %26amp; got NO spark. I took off the distributor cap %26amp; trying turning it manually but it wont turn. I am guessing its the distributor but maybe you car guys that know more than me can help me out.

PS..if the distributor is the problem how difficult is it to change? what are something i need to avoid doing so that i install it correctly and not mess up the timing. Please be specific in your response i know the bare minimum about cars. thanks.88 celica wont start...winding/whinning noise..distributor?
it could be the timing belt check that

if its broke it will cause the dist not to turn88 celica wont start...winding/whinning noise..distributor?
You broke the timing belt. Totally agree with the first poster. You may have got lucky too. Since you weren't driving at speed the pistons probably didn't bend the valves. $400 or so to fix the T-belt on a Toyota

It's amazing to me how many consumers know nothing about timing belts.

If you know bare minimum, take it to a shop. You won't be able to do a timing belt anyway. A distributor is easy and you could do it but it's more likely the timing belt.
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