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Ford taurus Distributor cap?

I have a 2000 ford Taurus my check engine light is on. I got it diagnosed they said I have a cylinder misfire. They said check my distributor cap. I called auto zone to see how much a distributor cap costs and they said my car doesn檛 have one. If I don檛 have a distributor cap what do I have? and how to I fix a cylinder misfire? I have already got my wires and plugs checked and changed.Ford taurus Distributor cap?
If you are sure that all the plugs are good, and that the wires are ok and properly seated, then it may be that the coil/s have gone out, or have a busted tower on one or more of them.

Now the 3.0 DOHC has six such coils sold each, in which case replace the one that has the misfire.


The 3.0 OHC engine has one, and the complete unit will have to be replaced.

( taurus Distributor cap?
%26quot;2000 Ford Taurus%26quot; Distributor / Ignition

BondysTaurus's 2000 Ford Taurus

This image shows the spark plugs %26quot;wires%26quot; going to %26quot;distributor%26quot;

That distributor is not old rotary type, but you could check wires and connections,

if able with tools, remove plug caps and check inside,

1996-2000 Ford Taurus Ignition Coil for Models with V6 3.0L


Coil - Ignition

Taurus user guide pdf ~save as

1989 Ford Taurus 3.0 Liter Profile Ignition Pickup ( 89 appears to have rotor)

..Ford taurus Distributor cap?
Cars dont use a dist. any more.. it has coils usually 2 for a 4 cyl. or 3 for a v-6, just follopw your plug wires off the plugs and down to the engine block, the coil pack is there, and each one has 2 screws and it just plugs in, you can test them w/ a ohm meter,Ford taurus Distributor cap?
It has a coil pack not a distributor. Run a can of Sea Foam through the gas to clean the fuel injectors and the problem should go away as long as there is no problem with the plugs and wires. Hope I have been helpful.Ford taurus Distributor cap?
you don,t have a distributor in that have a coil pack. you could have a bad plug wire or 1 of the towers on the coil pack could be corroded or bad.

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