Saturday, November 20, 2010

Distributor cap and rotor?

If im changing the distruibtor cap and rotor, is ther a specific way i need to adjust the rotor? how should it be put on?

i put the rotor on and distributor cap and the firing sequence is correct but it wont start...and it did before i change itDistributor cap and rotor?
the rotor will only go on one way and the distriburator cap will only go on in one position so the clamps that hold it on will fasten so I would say you have the wires messed up, you will have to find out the firing order of your engine and get the wires in sequence.Distributor cap and rotor?
Most rotors only go on one way .. they can only go on the same way it came off ... So unless you put the wires back on in a different order which can easily happen.... i would make real sure that your wirering order is correct .... Look in a haynes manual or a chiltons and make sure you have it right... Also turn your rotor over , you should see a slot cut out then look on the shaft you should see the same in reverse... good luckDistributor cap and rotor?
Rotor only goes on 1 way! What does it do when you try to start it? Pop, spit, or crank normally?

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