Wednesday, November 24, 2010

1990 dodge ram oxygen sensor + fuel pump?

I am debating on changing my oxygen sensor in my 1990 dodge ram d150 5.2l. My engine stalls when I am idling in every position EXCEPT park. Park works great. It will not stall if I give it a steady stream of gas. My truck hates stop lights and stop signs.. haha...

Anyhow, how the heck do you change one? I've found it on the vehicle, and it looks like I'd have to drop parts of the exhaust system to do it. Any advice? I can't afford to take it to a shop. Should I bother with this?

Tomorrow I plan to check the :


distributor cap

catalytic converter clogged

compression check

new spark plugs

oxygen sensor

oil change

I was also told it might be the fuel pump, but I doubt it. I can hear the fuel pump working well. My fuel pump is in the tank, how hard would it be to replace that? What steps would be involved?

I've checked/replaced - air and fuel filters, pcv valve, checked for vacuum leaks, checked for correct firing order.

What should I do next?1990 dodge ram oxygen sensor + fuel pump?
it sounds to me like a sensor my guess would be the idol air sensor they are well known for that in lots of cars1990 dodge ram oxygen sensor + fuel pump?
i would remove the idle air control motor first and make sure the passageways are clean, you may also want to clean the throttle plates.

If fuel pump were failing your truck would most likely idle OK but would have a severe lack of power when trying to accelerate.

Failing catalytic converter can cause lack of power but would not affect idle in certain gears.

Tune up components (and oxygen sensor) could cause it to run rough but usually do not cause vehicle to die at idle.

I have seen on Dodge trucks (and dodge trucks only) where a bad battery can cause it not to idle but still provides power to crank and start and vehicle will keep running when on gas but usually die at idle no matter what gear. Check your idle air control motor and passageways first

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