Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Can my parents take away my car?

i found the car. i bought the car. i fixed it up. i ordered new parts. took it to it to the dealer. i've changed the oil, belt, distributor cap, wire plugs, spark plugs.

long story short. I've payed and done everything for that car. tabs, emissions, insurance everything. I've had my dads help here and there but I've done everything. clean it, wash it, cover it.

so can my mom takes away my car keys as punishment then teach my sister how to drive in it? and says i should take the bus...

im going a little crazy here...

this car is kinda a classic

1990 E30 bmw m3 us specs 100% stock from the battery to the OBCCan my parents take away my car?
If everything is in your name including insurance. No they cannot. If they had this in mind when it came time to insure the vehicle then yes they could. However because everything is in your name you may have to threaten them to bring them to court and may have to call the police to report a theft. They have no right to it if everything is in your name. I speak from legal grounds I have seen taken as a police officer.

If they choose to punish you. A vehicle that you have bought and insured and worked on is not for them to choose to take away since the state has already granted you the privilege to drive.

If parents want to do this they have to insure the vehicle and have it under their name. If the title is in their name then you may have an issue.

You can thumbs down me. This is the law.Can my parents take away my car?
is it under your name and if it is then she has no rights to do that to youCan my parents take away my car?
If you paid for it, it's your car and they can't take it away. However, you may find yourself living in it if you don't do what they say.Can my parents take away my car?
nothing from the '90's is a classic

how old are you? is the car in your name? (i only ask cuz just cuz you paid for it doesnt mean its in your name)

if your under 18 yes she can take the keys as a punishment. if its not in your name...well even if it is, she could teach your sister to drive in it, but its kinda s h i t t y to do...Can my parents take away my car?
if your under 18 yes.Can my parents take away my car?
This is one of those rare moments when being a kid sucks.Can my parents take away my car?
if you bought the car and it is in your name then no, she cant take it from you. if it is in their name, sadly you are pretty much out of luck.Can my parents take away my car?
If you are 17 or younger then yes she can cuz she still has to support you (by law) but even if u are 18 or older as long as you are living in her house she can do that.cuase shes your mom....... ScaryCan my parents take away my car?
it depends on if your only 16 and at home...who's name it's in...etc.Can my parents take away my car?
what did you do to make her punish you in such an unfair way.

it is very wrong of her to do this, i wouldn't stand for it for a second. My parents would never touch my vehicle without my consent, and if they tried, i'd say some unkind things to them

you payed for it, and you own it. those are the rules, and that is whats legal. if they wished to go further with me after my unkind words i'd take them to court.

:-]Can my parents take away my car?
what did you do to deserve such punishment. depending on that i would say yes she has a right to take your keys (maybe) but she should not use it or teach your sister to drive. and the insurance will not cover it if she had an accident you would have to say she took the car without permission and what a lot of trouble for the family. and if you had been drinking and driving or some thing considered dangerous then a time without the car would be good for you that's why i said maybe.Can my parents take away my car?
the first question is what did you do and the second question is does she pay insurance on the car and yes she can do thisCan my parents take away my car?
If you are under 18, she has every right to take your keys as punishment.

Using it to teach your sister to drive is wrong in my opinion, but not illegal if you are under 18.Can my parents take away my car?
Honestly it doesn't really matter whether they CAN take away your keys or not. If they ha vent already they will if they feel its necessary. I went through the same thing with my parents. I bought the car and i pay for it and insurance and maintenance etc but even when i was 18 and 19 they still try threatening me with taking the car away. its kind of ridiculous i know but they are your parents so i guess they can do what they think is best no matter if you agree with them or not.Can my parents take away my car?
Yes you're underage!!! Same as my ipod I paid for it but that doesn't mean my parents can't take it away a punishment (I know that isn't a very good example but it's the best I could come up with):-) But I agree it is pretty messed up that your mom is teaching your sister to drive in it but making you take the bus!!! But sinse the car IS in your name you can forbid your sister to drive it:-) Oh and can the car be in your names sinse you are only 17???Can my parents take away my car?
Yes they can. You should pay them back for the years they paid your tab. Then you would have a case.Can my parents take away my car?
If you live in the U.S. then it isn't your car, you purchased it illegally because it is against the law for minors to enter into contract. If the car is parked on your parents property they can surely take it away. As long as you are a minor and the car is at your mother's home SHE is owner because she owns the sets on. Now you understand WHY minors by law can't enter into contracts, they know nothing...obviously you don't.
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