Saturday, November 20, 2010

Running out of ideas to fix my car! Would Redex help?

I've previously posted issues with my 1999 Honda Civic. The engine management light is on just now and has been for the last month or so. My cousin is a mechanic and has helped as much as he can. The engines revs are weird, the revs drop right down to nearly stalling when changing gears, the car now sometimes stalls itself whens its cold, its not like the revs drop and then drop again, it just stops, just as quick as if I actually switch the car off, this only happens when its idling when I switch the car on in the morning. My mechanic has changed the distributor cap as it was slightly cracked (very slight), he has changed the spark plugs and checked the leads, he has changed the lambda sensor and has generally given the car a once over. The last thing he can think of is that the injectors are clogged and wants me to try redex to clear it out, I've done a wee bit of research on redex and theres mixed reviews on how useful it is.

If any one else can help or offer some other ideas to either fix it or advise what they think is wrong, I'd very much appreciate it.

The only other thing I can think of is to take it to a Honda dealership to see if they can fix it but I think we all know that most dealerships will just take the mick and charge me a fortune.

Any help welcome! Thanks!!!!Running out of ideas to fix my car! Would Redex help?
Redex is not good in my opinion. The best thing to use would be Wynn's Injector Cleaner (available from halfords for 拢5) and put that in your fuel tank. I've used that and swear by it but the only downside is that you have to %26quot;top up%26quot; every 3,000 miles but i don't and i just top up every 6 months ish. If that don't work then it sounds to be that there is a breather problem and the IACV is blocked and needs cleaning. Don't take it to a garage/dealer as you're just gonna waste money on something you can pretty much do yourself. Contact me via email and i'll give you some very useful links.Running out of ideas to fix my car! Would Redex help?
How much has it cost already ? how much in lost time ? will it cause you to have an accident or a rear end shunt if it stalls in traffic ? Take it to the dealer get it on the diagnostics rig,it will probably be just a simple replacement module., in the engine management system.Running out of ideas to fix my car! Would Redex help?
It sounds like a Computer issue. First things first, disconnect the battery. re connect it and run a code check on it.

I need to know more symptoms really, is it stick? auto?Running out of ideas to fix my car! Would Redex help?
If your cousin thinks it's in the injectors, have him pinch off the return line to the fuel pump and install a fuel pressure gauge. If the fuel pressure gauge bleeds down then there is probably a problem with the injectors. If it doesn't drop there could be a fuel pressure regulator or fuel pump problem. Is the car automatic or standard shift? It almost sounds like you could have a torque (stall) converter problem.Running out of ideas to fix my car! Would Redex help?
check fuel pump pressure,also the throttle pussion sensor known as the tps sensor this controlls your idle speed.good luck Running out of ideas to fix my car! Would Redex help?
Your cars ECU needs to be reset, get a fault code and also get your air mass sensor checked whilst your at itRunning out of ideas to fix my car! Would Redex help?
I think if you took it to a decent garage, they'd be able to diagnose the fault properly %26amp; give you a quote - it's not a very old car, so it shouldn't be anything too complex to sort out. On this occasion, I'd suggest a main dealer. The diagnosis may cost you 拢75, but at least you'd be on the way to having the fault rectified.Running out of ideas to fix my car! Would Redex help?
did you think about changing the gas filter? the filter might be partly clogged and restricting the flow of fuel.Running out of ideas to fix my car! Would Redex help?
First thing I always go to on these is the distributor,both the amplifier(internal)and the pickup transducer can become faulty.This would seem to be your case with the intermittent/random miss fire.A good general indication of faulty parts is availability.If they selling a lot of them then you can bet there's a known fault .Nobody keeps parts they cant sell on the shelf.Do a search for the part and see how many are for sale. ps.argos sells a code reader for what your paying for diagnostic.It WILL NOT fix your car,but will help point in the are one thing.interpretation is everything.
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