Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ford Explorer '98 Distributor Cap?

Does anybody knows how to troubleshoot the distributor cap on a ford explorer? I changed the spark plugs and wires twice and my truck still rattles. Your help will be appreciated

Thank YouFord Explorer %26039;98 Distributor Cap?
No distributor cap on this one. When does the rattle happen? When first started cold for a second or two, or all of the time even at idle? Or only while accelerating? Could be detonation caused by carbon buildup, bad MAF, or if rattling all of the time, timing chain tensioners. More info please.Ford Explorer %26039;98 Distributor Cap?
try an octane booster... could be bad or low grade gasFord Explorer %26039;98 Distributor Cap?
Should be electronic ignition . . . no distributor %26quot;cap.%26quot; You may want to try an engine compression test. Also consider a fuel filter and air filter change.Ford Explorer %26039;98 Distributor Cap?
I agree 100% with yugie...need more info... plus what KIND of engine? I figure it's a 4.0 but they had 2 4.0s in 1998, a OHV and a SOHC version.. The SOHC was known for having timing chain rattles espcially at 3,000 RPM and idle if I remember making you think ignition.

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