Saturday, November 20, 2010

96 Caprice LT1 350 Distributor ???

I need to know how hard it is to change the distributor cap and rotor button on my LT1. It looks like you have to take off the water pump but I'm not sure. It's something I can do, but I'd just like to know what to exspect. Thanks96 Caprice LT1 350 Distributor ???
Just make sure you have the female torx socket to fit the distributor cap screws.They are small and the socket has to be skinny to fit in the holes.And the teflon oil seal of the distributor drive (on the timing cover).96 Caprice LT1 350 Distributor ???
it`s a opti spark system you got. no need to change it unless you got an engine code. A good set of wires due to the routing cures alot on the lt196 Caprice LT1 350 Distributor ???
That distributor don't have a cap or rotor, the one your taking about is behind the water pump and that is the full control module with built in distributor components I use to work on those and there just a module with an electrical plug-in. If you do remove it be sure you mark the gear when you remove it so you can re install it with out braking it, there very expensive. Changing the spark plugs is the most you would need to do unless it has no spark , Good Luck and GOD Bless96 Caprice LT1 350 Distributor ???
they do have a rotor. i know, mine went bad too.

yes the w.p. has to be removed. 3 bolts hold the opti to the motor.

check the vent hoses coming off the intake manifold and intake boot. they can clog and cause an opti to go out. w.p. leaking causes them to fail too.

when you put it back in, put a lil oil on the seal in the timing chain cover. that way it won't tear when you put it back together.

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