Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What car services should I get for my car?

My jeep has 90,000 miles and I haven't really thought about maintenance til now. I get regular oil changes but that's about it. I was thinking about the following: tire rotation and balance, tune up, battery check, brakes? I don't recall that we have ever gotten any of those done and we got it used at 60,000 miles. Also, how do you know when you buy the tire rotation if they do a balance and alignment as well - are those both good to get / needed? What's important during a tune up? I have a coupon and it says it does: install new spark plug ; visually inspect ignition wires, distributor cap/rotor, filters and more ; set timing/adjust idle (if applicable) but I'm scared that if something is wrong they wouldn't fix it cuz they would charge extra since it just says visibly inspectWhat car services should I get for my car?
Have them check the oil filter, PCV valve, spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, and everything that should be replaced every so many miles. The fluids might need to be changed so make sure to get that checked too.What car services should I get for my car?
A tire rotation does not include an alignment...You need to set up an alignment and get your tires rotated at that time...and yes this is something that is good to have done from time to time. For a tune up you might need new spark plugs and wires...and have your timing might need a new air filter...That's right...they get you in for a tune up...plugs, wires, etc....and then hopefully they will get additional business by having other things that you need to have done. I wouldn't take my car anywhere unless you know someone that has used them with success...Good luck. I would just take it to someone that I could trust and pay for an inspection and go from there.What car services should I get for my car?
how could you forget the transmission oil change.i used to work at brake check before they found out i was giving discounts to pretty faces and family members and when they mean visually inspect thats what they do and tell you if they need to be replaced or not.balance and tire rotation you can tell if your tires are marked with white chalk and they have weights on the rim of the for alignment thats a diffrent step.

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