Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Car dies randomly at red lights?

I have a 67 impala and just got a tune up (changed air filter and spark plugs myself) and got a well respected mechanic to change the starter, change the spark plug wires and distributor caps and also gave it a tune up (fixed the timing and adjusted the carburetor). Now when I drive it, it will sometimes die on me at red lights waiting for it to turn green and when I start it back up it will have a %26quot;grrr%26quot; sound when I turn the key (only sometimes).

What can this be and how can I fix this?Car dies randomly at red lights?
Have you check your fuel system. Your fuel pump may not working fine or the fuel filter is clogging with dirt already. You might have also faulty fuel pump relay. If the relay are not working fine, the fuel pump will not work fine also causing poor distribution of fuel to the carburator. Have this check by your respected mechanic. He might neglect this part. Hope this helps!Car dies randomly at red lights?
Probably just need to set the idle up a bit, or adjust the idle mixture. If you are running air conditioning, that specific idle speed, which is higher than when the air is off to make up for the drag created by the compressor, may need to be increased. Modern cars have sensors on the engine and maintain idle with electronics and small stepper motors. Your 67 has only mechanical devices to keep the idle where it needs to be.
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