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92 honda civic battery wont charge, completely random.?

okay very confusing problem. i had this problem before until it died completely. changed the computer. it fixed it for a couple days then returned the same with the exception of, before it would start with cool engine now it's completely random. i have a brand new main relay and fuel pump kicks on. i checked for a short with every method i can find on the internet. i can't find one. i had autozone test the battery and they said it wasn't charged enough to get good reading. the car runs with battery disconnected. i can push start it. what else? oh yeah i smelled a burning match smell (not rotten egg) under dash today while driving. any electronic accessory makes the rpm drop way down or stalls it. i tried driving it around all day without fuses for any accessory including lights, no change. and my constant 12 volt wire gets 3.5 volt with out a fuse. once again i stress this is totally random no matter how long it sits. even sometimes wont start at all not even the starter will turn, then i try again with in seconds and it starts. sometimes the battery is dead enough it will set clock back and windows are slow. i'm starting to go crazy. before i bought the computer i had changed the whole distributor(including cap), plugs, wires and main relay. i don't want to buy any more parts unless i know for sure. i know the old computer was bad though because it had a burnt capacitor inside it. could this be alternator or battery, being its random and i mean random hot cold doesn't matter.92 honda civic battery wont charge, completely random.?
I have a 92 also. The computer most likely isn't causing the problem, -- it is more likely the charging system is ruining the computer!

Recommend that you do not run engine with battery disconnected, -- if it should kick %26quot;over-voltage%26quot; it will knock the computer out! Also could fry other electronic stuff in car! This was common practice with cars over 20 years or so of age, -- but newer ones sometimes blow things out. Also if you have bad battery cable, that possibly disconnects at road speed it can burn alternator out in a few seconds!

Now did you have AutoZone check charging system of car! This will tell you if system is even capable of charging properly! No kind of checking tells you more than system as it is in car will! You can check alternator off car, check starter off car, and check battery off car, -- even though they all may check good, it may not charge because some of wiring is bad!

About wiring, this is where I would start! Make double sure that all the connections are good! If you have %26quot;add on terminals%26quot; (ones clamped on with %26quot;saddle bar%26quot; and two bolts)-- to cable, -disconnect and soak in cup full of water with a tsp full of baking soda in it, make sure totally submerged beyond wire and over insulation at connection! These can be bad news, - when installed you now have 4 places for corrosion probelms, instead of 2 as on origional battery cable clamps! Make sure that cable between starter and %26quot;+%26quot; cable makes good connection at both ends (some cars pick up body feed power from that end)! Make sure heavy wire between alternator and %26quot;+%26quot; on battery connection is good (it carries power from alternator to battery to charge)! Also make sure negative on battery is well grounded to frame, and frame to engine, -- good connections are essential here, as the most current flows through these circuits!

I assume that you have checked belt tension on alternator pulley!

Note here that low voltage in electrical system makes all electrical stuff malfunction at some point! The lower the power, the more things will not function right! So if your battery is near dead, - you can expect things to not work right! If alternator not getting enough power to stator coils, it will not put out full power either (if at all), so getting battery charged up to test is essential!92 honda civic battery wont charge, completely random.?
Possibly this is a seperate problem. It could be grease/sludge inside solenoid causing it not to move easily. You might be able to remove starter and clean this out with WD40 or something,- if off remove cover on rear of starter, coud be full of gunk in there scrape out what you can and clean up.

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92 honda civic battery wont charge, completely random.?

we're in 2009.

buy a modern car and maybe you will have no probs??????????????

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