Saturday, November 20, 2010

How much would it cost to change a fuel injector that is stuck on a 94 mustang?

I'm thinking about buying a 94 mustang. How much would it be to replace 6 of them and new wires and a distributor cap? And they said it runs rough and you can smell fuel but no leaks, and that the injector is stuck on. They want $1200 for the car. Is it worth it? Any info will help. Thanks!How much would it cost to change a fuel injector that is stuck on a 94 mustang?
fuel injectors are easy to swap out, anyone can do it with some tools. first you need to take off the air hose/pipe, unhook all plugs/wires leading to the intake/throttle body it self. loosen the bolts ontop of the intake, size 10 for the 4 in a sqaure, 15 for the two on the side. also there is a bolt near the battery on the intake that needs to be off. now you will have a pipe on the leftside of the throttle body connecting to the intake take it out. %26lt;-- dont bend it or pry it.

with all that out of the way, you need to unclip the injectors one at a time %26lt;%26lt; make sure you mark them or remember where they went. mine had a size 8 bolt holding the fuel rail down, but ive seen some where you need a allen wrench. take all 4 bolts out and on the injector is a clip take it off, and slowly pull the injector til you have it in your hand. %26lt; may be best to depressure the fuel. after you have them all out pop em back in put the clip back it..

now you want to aim the injectors right the first time otherwise you will have to retake them out to clean them..

new wires in sparkplug wires? easy its pull and put back on, one at a time though.

distributor you need it done professionally.

1200 may seem high to some but to me this is a bargain i paid 1500 for mine and motor was out of it.How much would it cost to change a fuel injector that is stuck on a 94 mustang?
Injectors for the that car are usually around $45-65 a piece aftermarket so distributor cap is around $20-30 for the part. The labor that varies you could do it yourself the hardest part would be the injectors you need to be careful doing this relieve the fuel pressure and remove the intake manifold and fuel rails. the cap is two screws just have to put the wires on the new cap from the old cap in the same spot then install the new cap this way you don't mess up the firing order. Good luck

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