Saturday, November 20, 2010

98 Accord won't start?

Does your honda start 50 percent of the time? Is it completly random at anytime during the day? For some reason after pumping gas it won't start. You hear the fuel pump working and it turns over just fine but the sucker won't start. And at times when it turns over it dies in a second or two.

I KNOW HOW TO FIX IT!! I've been going through the same problem for about 6 months on and off. i changed spark plug wires, distributor cap, new battery and cables and that didn't fix the problem. My car sounded healthy when it cranked but it wouldn't turn over! This would happen randomly no matter if it was hot or cold. The problem is the MAIN RELAY under the dash. They are known to go bad on hondas and acuras. When you turn the key you hear the fuel pump and after wards there should be a click at the main relay. If it doesn't click all the time the relay is bad. This is a good way to find the relay as well. turn the key to hear and feel where the relay is. here are a few links to help you change out the relay. i'm telling you after i changed this my car started every time!! Go to the honda dealer and buy a new one for about $69. On a 98 accord coupe ex v6 model the part number is 39400-S84-003. Do this before doing big jobs like changing the distributor or fuel pump. And do it yourself to save $$. Good luck guys! Accord won%26039;t start?
Yup!98 Accord won%26039;t start?
Also it may not be that cause there is a recall for the ignition switch and the interlocking unit. Take to the dealer, it is FREE

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