Wednesday, November 24, 2010

86 nissan stanza, what on earth is wrong?

I've had this stanza for 2 years now. sometimes it starts, other times it won't. When it does start the rpms rise and drop, rise and drop, and when you push on the gas pedal it it starts to sputter and sometimes stalls. When you put it in park or neutral it acts more steady but then when you put it in drive, the rpm's drop and it acts like it wants to die.

I took it to a mechanic and he changed the spark plugs (all 8) and the distributor cap and rotor. it was better for a day or two but then it went down hill fast. The mechanic told me it was running rich in fuel. Does this seem right? another thing was interesting was when he would move the spark plug wires, sometimes the car would start to sputter. Does this seem like an electrical problem? Even when the spark plug wires aren't being moved the car acts up. Sometimes when starting the car it really smells like gas. What could be wrong with it and how much $?86 nissan stanza, what on earth is wrong?
it sounds like it may be running a little rich on gas,,but i think you need to find another mechanic and let him check it out also,,two opinions are better than one,,i can only guess ,bit id say it has a bad sensor on it,,but a good mechanic should be able to find it for you,,good luck,i hope this help,s.,,have a good x-,mas.86 nissan stanza, what on earth is wrong?
change the injectors86 nissan stanza, what on earth is wrong?
since its an older car, expect probelms to arrise

your solution lies with finding a good mechanic! do lots of research and hope you can find someone who is an expert on those cars

it sounds like a complex problem, not one that can have a good answer here. since its an older car, lots of parts need to be checked in order to come up with a resolution86 nissan stanza, what on earth is wrong?
have air idle motor checked and try a bottle of LUCAS fuel treatment86 nissan stanza, what on earth is wrong?
did he change the spark plug wires? is it worse when it`s damp.Try looking at the wires in the night time with the engine running I bet you will see spark jumping. the spark energy will take the path of least resistance86 nissan stanza, what on earth is wrong?
check the idle air control sensor,also it could be the throttle position sensor.try cleaning out the throttle body,it could be really dirty and cant breathe.86 nissan stanza, what on earth is wrong?
its a nissan stanza that's what's wrong with it

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