Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A car engine question?

okay, let me start off by saying that about all i know about fixing cars is how to change the anti-freeze, the spark plugs, those wire going from the distributor cap to the spark plugs, the battery, and i could probably change the oil if i had a lift or something to get my car high enough off the ground and the tools to do it. i drive a 2000 honda accord, and i'm interested in maybe having work done to increase the compression ratio of my engine. for those of you who know, i was just wondering if, keeping my above skills in mind, i could maybe do that myself or if i should take my car to a shop and have the job done by someone with more experience.A car engine question?
Raising the compression ratio is a bit more complicated than it sounds. It requires reducing the overall volume of the compression chamber.

The two easiest ways to do it are ...

A: new pistons with a slight dome

B: machining the heads to reduce the chamber size from say 53cc to 46cc.

Keep in mind you have what we call an interference engine. So changing piston head profile or chamber deck height can cause alot of issues. I say your best bet would be to add an aftermartket turbo charger or supercharger.

Now as for the skill set you have, you may be alot better off having the work done for you. What you are wanting is no easy job and it will require %26quot;tuning up%26quot; the computer as well.A car engine question?
why raise the compression ratio? just get a turbo charger fittedA car engine question?
compression ratio is set by piston and bore size, what type of cam fitted, if you want to get more, not only will a professional need to do, but it will not be cheap, dont know if it would affect your insurance as well as woul no longer be stock model. if you want more power get a different car, tuned engines requie regular maintaince to run niceA car engine question?
with the skills that you progress it would be wise to take it to the shop.A car engine question?
In order to get better compression ratio you would have to take the engine out of the car, take it apart and have a machine shop bore out the cylinder walls. Then you would have to order new engine parts to raplace them with. if you have a good running car you would want to sell it and get something that wouldnt be as expensive to screw up.

You could do it but you would have to enjoy working on cars, study up ALOT, and know when your gettin advice from someone who knows what there talking about, and when your getting advice from a self-seeking naziA car engine question?
mix a little rubbing alcohol in with the gas, it should increase the ratio, just be careful about how much you put in, it can hurt your engines performance

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