Saturday, November 20, 2010

MX6 Driving/Starting Problems!!!?

Okay Here Is The Deal. My 94 MX6 V6 Manual 5SPD. I Was Only Able TO Keep A Constant Speed Of 35 Miles Per Hour And Then The Car Started TO Shake. Then I Pulled Into Walmart. Went To Work. After Work I Got In My Car And It Wouldnt Start. This Is What I Have Changed.


-Distributor Cap

-Rotar Button

-Plug Wires

-Crank Sensor

I Don't Know What Else It Could Be.

Please Leave As Many Answers As Everyone On Here Can.

I Really Need To Get This Fixed. And I Have Tried Numerous Different Things And Just Cant Think Of Anthing Else. I Don't Know If The Fuel Pump Is Working, How Can I Test It?MX6 Driving/Starting Problems!!!?
Try getting new spark plugs, not knowing how much you know or how you took care of your car, These are probably 13 years old. Also if its carburated, get some carb cleaner and clean it up. if its Fuel Injected, get fuel injector cleaner and put in your gas. I would give that a shot and see if it works.MX6 Driving/Starting Problems!!!?
check the fuel filter those are cheaper to replace before the fuel pump.when you turn the key do you hear a humming sound coming from the back of the car? if it hums the fuel pump is working. if its not humming before replacing it check to see if there is a fuel pump relay for it.sometimes those go out first. check your local library for a Chilton auto book for your car there are pages of troubleshooting guides in thereMX6 Driving/Starting Problems!!!?
why throw all those parts at it when u havnt had a diagnosis in the situation? U could have anything from a worn out timing chain, to whatever whatever. there is a valve cap on the throttle body for checking fuel pressure. do u hear the pump when u turn on the ignition without cranking? THe pumps in the tank.

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