Saturday, November 20, 2010

How much would this tune up cost?

I have 97 thunderbird v-8 4.6 liter with 80,000 miles. Car runs fine except when i accelerate it bogs like at a stop sign or when i first start it. What would it cost to replace fuel filter,air filter,plugs and wires,distributor cap and rotor, PCV,oxygen sensor,Change the points and condenser, flush some fluids if it needs it like transmission or antifreeze. How much would this cost?How much would this tune up cost?
Your engine does not have a distributor or points and a condenser so there would be no need for a cap, rotor or plug wires. Your engine is COP= coil over plug and it requires platinum spark plugs in fact double platinum's were used in that engine. It sounds like your just throwing parts at it to see if it will fix the problem rather than diagnosis the real problem. Your plugs are changed at 100,000 miles, so they are not due at this time. How about a fuel pressure test to see if the engine is getting enough fuel pressure to support acceleration and then go from there. Just a suggestion rather than throwing parts at it for no good reason. Transmission service and engine coolant flush is probably a good idea and can be done for under $200.00 parts included. Good Luck
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