Saturday, November 20, 2010

How come my truck will not start? more inside...?

ok few months back my truck stopped working in the middle of the road..had gas, changed battery and cables-still didn't work..*brought to a mechanic and he changed the distributor cap and rotor etc i forget what all and that was a pretty penny*...

so now all of a sudden it will not start again, i do hear this clicking noise coming from this relay box...also my dad had asked some guys at work and they said it might be the starter solenoid-assuming it is this relay or starter solenoid, about how much does this cost to replace and could we change this or should a mechanic fix the problem?

--if we changed it, give the approx. cost--

--if a mechanic fixes the problem, approx. cost--


*since it was a few months back when i had brought to that one mechanic who charged me up the YEAA, should i bring it back to him and tell him to fix for free or someone elseHow come my truck will not start? more inside...?
it could be dirty or loose battery terminals, a bad starter or solenoid.How come my truck will not start? more inside...?
hi ok if your truck does not crank then the first place to start is at the battery connections. make sure they are clean and tight no black hard residue either. then if that does not work you can remove the battery and starter and have them checked at auto-zone that's free by the way. That's about where you should stop considering the rest of the checks can be hard for the inexperienced. and it helps when you ask a automotive question if you include the year, make, model, and if it is a automatic or standard. hope that helps.

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